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BTCA member Lesley Caines and Fudge giving a demo in the Best In Show Ring before the group at Birmingham Championship show, the second biggest show after Crufts in the UK. See what an unwanted Bedlington Terrier can do.

Lisa Clarkson

The express purpose of Bedlington Rescue is to act as the voice for the individual Bedlington, who may, for whatever reason, need an advocate to act in his or her best interest.

The Bedlington Rescue program rescues stray, abandoned, relinquished and/or impounded Bedlingtons and provides foster care, with the eventual goal being the adoption/placement of the rescued animal. All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to placement.

The Bedlington Rescue program relies upon donations to support itself. When a dog is placed with a family, an adoption fee and donation is requested in order to help with various expenses the dog may have incurred while in the care of Bedlington Rescue. Additional donations by individuals are greatly appreciated.

Bedlington Rescue always needs loving people willing to provide foster care, perform pickup and delivery duties and act as responsible community advocates for Bedlington Terriers.

For more information email us:

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